Adobe confirms it won’t support Flash on Android 4.1, stops new Flash installs from Google Play on August 15th

| July 2, 2012

Adobe was excessively public about dropping mobile Flash ultimate fall. In case that wasn’t unclouded enough, the developer just drew a ancestry in the sand: Android 4.1 doesn’t, and won’t through all ages, get certification for Flash. The assemblage is stopping short of saying that Flash won’t continue, but it’s evident that Adobe won’t serve you if the web browser plugin doesn’t induct (or breaks in spectacular fashion) adhering that Nexus 7. Just to underscore the point, the firm is likewise halting new installations of Flash from Google Play for example of August 15th. Security updates and other alive patches will continue on for existing users. Any fresh downloads after that fateful day, yet, will have to come from Adobe’s sepulchral monument for old versions. The company had already said that HTML5 was the scheme forward on phones and tablets — a little while ago we know just how quickly it’s backing up that claim.


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