Angry Birds gets motion control, graphics revamp for console release

| August 16, 2012

Flinging birds at pigs, that’s the general of Angry Birds and it’s marvellous such a simple game has set off so popular. You can’t experience any gaming shop without seeing Angry Birds mugs, toys, phone covers, and the inventory goes on. But Rovio is nowhere literal finished yet, and soon a boxed lection of the game for consoles is going to exist appearing on store shelves.

Angry Birds is indeed acquisition a retail release on PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS this festival season. It’s a trilogy including the creative Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio. All three are sentient revamped with HD graphics to overture up a new experience of any of the most popular iOS and Android games.

As well in the same manner with appearing in crisp HD, the backgrounds hold been animated, there’s unlike lighting modes, and the scenery is after this reactive to gameplay. There will moreover be individual leaderboards on every horizontal line so you can compete with your friends toward the top score.

The Xbox 360 version will support Kinect, the PS3 reading will have PlayStation Move and the 3DS lection will support Streetpass.

Activision and Rovio are veritably trying to convince fans that Angry Birds without ceasing consoles will be worth a bargain (again), but since Angry Birds without ceasing your iPhone or Android device is either free or costs a maximum of 99c – they strait to do a lot to convince gamers to re-buy the courageous.

There’s also no vocable on a price yet, or granting that gamers will get access to the same eager level packs available on iOS and Android. But suggestion control support and re-vamping the graphics main just be the thing that makes rabble actually want to experience Angry Birds afresh.

via IGN


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