Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System Review

| May 12, 2012

Aperion’s Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System stipulate a level of quality mixed through convenience that many other surround entire systems can’t easily match. The transmitter hooks up easily to your output origin using composite audio jacks or a location inch port, and then you regard 150 feet to play with this suit of rear speakers which need single be plugged into an AC egress to work. As the name implies, this works fantastically taken in the character of a simple, easy to set up and customize surround sound system that fits any capacity, but can also work as race of a relay to push ink-fish into another room.

Right away, transmitted from a 2.4 GHz disc a piece smaller than a hockey puck, you consider control over the volume, bass, and threefold using the small, handy remote that comes with the set. An LED on the discourser will let you know that alliance is made, and the audio should get to through right away. Everything sounds exceptionally irreproachable, from rumbling lows to tinny highs, and nullity sounds fuzzy, distorted, or off-plain. Even though these speakers are with reference to something else small, they can push out assuming sound. Likely nothing so loud that you be in possession of to worry about blowing out anything or quaking your home, but something noticeable by high detail in every aspect.

Unfortunately, since of the wireless aspect, I did actual trial some connectivity issues from even in the same manner with short a range as ten feet. It was easily fixable by simple syncing the speakers to the transmitter once more, but if you’re going to exist using these as a room-to-unoccupied space audio solution, bear in mind that is affair you may have to do. Most commonly, the speakers would stay right hand when the audio source would propensity on, but this was easily fixed. Once or twice I would have audio cut out season using the product, but either they would approach back on their own within a little or two, or a synchronization cleared the point in dispute right up.

In terms of donation, the Aperion Zona seem to have existence mostly no-frills. The ability to adjust the bass and treble of these speakers is affair I was very happy to know, and in this instance, it works well by reason of the product. Being able to uncorrupt hook these speakers and transmitter up in a indefinite amount of minutes to create surround sound is a simple, convenient way to prevail upon high quality audio without having to transplant up a closet full of wires and receivers. The speakers themselves are housed in a athletic plastic, with a firm elastic mesh on the front. They look excellent, work mostly without any issues, and greatest part importantly, sound fantastic.

Bottom Line: You strength not be rushing out to replace your existing 5.1 setup by the Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System, moreover if you want to set up something simple for a den, basement, or a thing portable and simple for presentations, these speakers operate very effectively without being cumbersome. Any technical issues that occur appropriate to the wireless are very light to fix, and even adjusting the Zona’s audio qualities divide from your primary audio source means that you will be able to learn the audio just right for some acoustic space.

Editor’s Rating



Easy to bent holder up, easy to tweak, easy to troubleshoot

Powerful, pure sound from just these two supplementary speakers

Flexibility makes them function equitable as well as an audio recruitment as effectively as they pair through front speakers to create surround express audibly


Synchronization issues can occur, unruffled from as little as ten feet let us go.

Used on their own, only creates four duct sound, with no rear center or subwoofer

No practice of displaying volume,  bass, or triple levels means having to guess which time using the remote, or unpleasant surprises which time hooking up to a new audio source

The Aperion Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System is serviceable at Amazon for $399.


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