Apple hits 25 billion App Store downloads

| March 18, 2012

5 March 2012 9:30 GMT / By Paul Lamkin

It took Apple two and a half years to hit 10 billion App Store downloads, hereafter less than six months to take this undivided to up to 15 billion and very lately, just another eight months to tack on 10 billion more downloads with the 25 billion gross now smashed.

That means, that in the time betwixt the 15 billionth app landing in July utmost year and the 25 billion entire being reached, fanboys were downloading apps notwithstanding their iPads, iPhones and iPod touches at a rate of more than 40 million per day

The figure, which blows the 10 billion Android app download milestone that was apt expression in December, has been announced through . Apple as a big splash forward its website’s front page.

The Apple app derange started on 10 July 2008 by way of an update to iTunes after the Software Development Kit (SDK) towards iPhone OS was announced at the iPhone Software Roadmap adventure in March of that year.

In the principal four days of availability the SDK was downloaded in greater numbers than 100,000 times and developers created to a greater degree than 800 apps for the July launch. There are now more than 550,000 apps in the App Store from round 250,000 developers. Apple has sold greater quantity than 315 million iOS devices.

The favorable Apple-fan who downloaded the 25 billionth app is in employment for a $10,000 App Store endowment card. The Cupertino tech giant has promised to trumpet the winner soon.


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