Apple Watch 3: Key features, UK release date and everything you need to know

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Apple has unveiled its new smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3, a launch event in California.
The premium smartwatch, which features a host of upgrades, is Apple’s first to work independently from the iPhone. It can take and make phone calls, while it will also have 4G capabilities.
The Apple Watch 3 comes with the watchOS 4  smartwatch operating system, it will be 70 percent faster than the old Apple Watch 2 and comes with a renewed focus on fitness.
Apple Watch Series 3 price and release date revealed
The Apple Watch Series 3 is the third smartwatch from the company and the first that can operate independently from an iPhone.
It will cost between £329, without mobile capabilities, and £399, with mobile capabilities, in the US. It will be available for pre-orders on September 15 and will go on general sale on September 22.
In the UK it will only come on the EE network for use with calls and on the move.

The Apple Watch in electric pink


What will the Apple Watch 3 look like?
The Apple Watch 3 will appear broadly similar to the old Apple Watch, keeping the same 38mm and 42mm case sizes. Apple has announced several new watch strap colours, however, and the Apple Watch 3 will come in a new gold case colours, as well as silver and space grey aluminium.

The new Apple Watch in black and gold colours


Apple Watch 3 best features
4G capabilities and calls
The Apple Watch Series 3 will be the first watch from Apple to receive calls, send messages and stay connected online  for apps such as Maps or music streaming.

Apple said the display itself acts as the antenna for the phone, while the company has included an electronic SIM card inside the watch so it can make calls.
Current generations of the Watch require a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to an iPhone in order to send and recieve messages, emails and access online apps such as WhatsApp.

The Apple Watch can now make and receive calls


watchOS 4 release date revealed
The new Apple Watch will come with watchOS 4, its latest operating system. It will be released on September 19.
Apple is adding a host of new features to watchOS 4 that improve user experience and offer greater customisation with the Apple Watch Series 3. It has also created a new set of Disney inspired watch faces.
Apple’s redesigned watchOS 4 will have an improved workout assistant, a redesigned music app and an all-day assistant to help plan your day.
Apple Music
Users can now “stream 40 million songs on their wrist” – a nod to the original tag line for the original iPod. Apple has also redesigned its music app and introduced a radio app so users can listen to its Beats 1 radio station live.
Siri can talk
Siri can now chat, it has been improved to respond to questions with voice chat.

Improved health and activity tracking
Apple’s new operating system has improved heath and fitness tracking, including auto-sets for swim workouts, better heart rate algorithms for HIIT workouts and the ability to pair fitness app Gymkit with thousands of pieces of fitness equipment.
Better heart rate tracking
The heartrate app has also been improved, with new measurements for resting heart rate and recovery heart rate times. It can also notify users if their heart begins to beat irregularly, to help notify users of health conditions or common conditions like atrial fibrillation.

Some of the new apps on Apple Watch Series 3


Peer-to-peer Apple Pay
Personal payments will also be coming to the Apple Watch when Apple updates its operating system. Like on iOS 11 , Apple will be adding personal payments that let users to send money within messages or with their voice through Siri.

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