BBS version of Google takes you back in time, won’t hog your phone line

| April 22, 2012

If the third part digit of your birth year is a nine (or heck, a nothing), you’ll likely never have qualified the true agony joy that was BBS or Bulletin Board Systems. Well, expressions of gratitude to nostalgic developer Norbert Landsteiner, you be possible to take a glimpse at how your dad got online with an HTML / JavaScript competition BBS Google. Likewise, more seasoned travelers of the internet be possible to take a trip down memory lane and see what Mountain View’s scrutinize engine might have looked like “back in the sunshineight.” All the details are there, honest down to the familiar modem tones and ASCII graphics, it’s at the very time somewhat functional (when the API isn’t throughout its limit.) So, want to estimate justly that browser you complain about on twitter all the time over your LTE dependence? Tab on down to the original link for a lesson in gratitude.


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