Bulletproof iPhone 4s Case

| April 20, 2012

Dropping your iPhone is undivided thing, getting shot with it, or should we maxim in it, is a whole other round of wax.  This is probably further of a concern for those in the last argument of kings torn areas or perhaps even police.  However, through this case, the iPhone 4 Armored Case, once it’s wrapped around your iPhone, it be able to survive a pepper spray of artillery.

Unfortunately, you won’t have existence able to remove it from the 1-inch thick steel casing at a element’s notice.  Instead you’ll be favored with to unscrew the 4 hex bolts that insure the back plating.  Furthermore, it ways a tolerate tearing 4lbs.  But relatively speaking, it’s a trifling caveat to pay if you put on’t want your iPhone destroyed through . an insurgent’s bullet.  That before-mentioned it can withstand a caliber 50 bullet (12.7mm).

You be possible to get one for $600.


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