Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Piazza and Liberation map impressions

| February 24, 2012

Yesterday Activision introduced the primitive two new maps for Call of Duty Elite remuneration members on the Xbox 360. We ran them end their paces.

For those of you that plopped into disfavor the money for the Call of Duty Elite remuneration service on the Xbox 360, soon afterward yesterday you likely went online to discern a digital treat waiting under their unquestioned online tree. Two new maps were released, kicking away a nine month season of ease drops that will feature 20 in everything.

The first drop contained the maps “Liberation” and “Piazza.” Both maps desire be included as part of a parcel that will likely contain at in the smallest degree four maps, and will probably concur on sale for around $15 in March (though nothing has been officially confirmed attached that front). For right now, Xbox 360 users are the solitary ones to see these maps, otherwise than that PS3 Elite premium members should be under the necessity them within a month, while non-guerdon PS3 users should see the crew in April.

So with the reckon of people that have access to the maps comparatively low, we took on the high and demanding task of playing the maps. It was craggy, sitting there and getting paid to romp video games, but we did it as we love you. Here are our impressions of the maps.



(DT Associate Editor Ryan Fleming)—Liberation is a delineate that I will both love and dislike intensely, depending on my mood. Set in a militarized Central Park in New York, the distant open spaces will immediately appeal to snipers and men that love to camp and/or exercise stealth, so for me it exercise volition depend on whether or not the Leroy Jenkins invoke takes me. It is also a of established credit) map to follow people like Adam, and practice them as bait—er…the vanguard. The real geography of the map is fairly well plotted, no more than one of the biggest issues (or advantages depending steady your POV) is the colors of the delineate. It is easy to blend into the trees and leaves and become incredibly hard to feel. Because of that, this will subsist one of the slower moving maps in MW3.

Various play for money types will have drastically different feels, and some work better than others. I am a fan of Domination, that I think works well here. Kill Confirmed can lead to some interesting moments, because snipers leave several tags out at the same time that bait, but for me Team Deathmatch was the least fun. The mounted machine guns paired with a team of snipers and silenced opponents be able to make this frustrating and slow. For me, this delineate works better when there are objectives. Oddly, as long as teamwork is always important, the chart is so wide open and you be able to die from so far away that it is harder to suitably coordinate than other maps. Good word for the lone wolf-type mime, bad news for the “Captain Whatthehellareyoudoing” form who is trying to rally populace to hold a certain area.

I absolutely liked the survival mode potential of this chart. There are a few areas that you can make into decent choke points—have existence warned though—learning the map is the elucidation to survival, as enemies will explosion out of areas you had no idea they could come from. If you make choice of your location poorly, you can likewise find yourself in a bad condition. Fighting off attack choppers and juggernauts be able to also be a pain if they charm you unprepared since there isn’t much cover, and riot/delta teams repeatedly try to catch bullets with their teeth. They end in smoke. Or succeed if they are looking since the sweet embrace of death.


(DT Contributing Editor Adam Rosenberg) Liberation is one easy sell with me. Not singly does my New Yorker blood shriek with joy at being able to risk around in a virtual re-invention of a war-torn Central Park, excepting this new map’s important, open spaces and loooooooong sightlines too appeal to my love for conduct out death from a great degree of remoteness. Ryan really nails it too; the sappy greens on this map provide PERFECT screen for Ghillie suit-wearing snipers. Bring in a line a thermal scope if you have power to; it’s a tremendous aid here.

As open as the delineate is, there’s a unexpected amount of separation between the separate avenues of advance. For such a flat landscape, Liberation has a strange mind of verticality to it. Dry creeks flow beneath bridges, with the high and base-minded positions being completely cut off from one another in most places. There could be a firefight raging right below you, or greater than you, but you’ll take to circle all the way in a circle to get to it. Shotgun-toters and SMG wielders are at a separate disadvantage, though a small, central subterranean area offers ample opportunity to ambush excessively forces. A strategically placed personal radar be able to be quite useful on this draw, especially if short-range actions are your specialty.

At the two ends of the delineate are sandbag-mounted chaingun turrets which, when used properly, can wreak havoc on enemy forces. Like the person in the Bakaara map, it’s self-murderer to spend much time firing, considering it makes you an easy mark for distant snipers. The two miniguns adhering Liberation are great for crowd reign over, however. Just be sure to scholium: they’re not usable in Survival modification, only multiplayer. The trick on this picture–no matter which mode you’re playing–is to to the end of time proceed carefully and avoid the munificent central areas, particularly near the well and any other location in what one. your uniform colors might stand out close up to the environment. Anything to make you a smaller quantity appetizing target for the many snipers who are steady to be watching the heavy exchange areas.



(Adam Rosenberg) Piazza is a sordid-ish map overall, but there are thus many levels to it that it ends up sensibility much larger than it actually is. Much like Liberation, in that place’s a lot of up-and-below the horizon movement; the difference here is that you be seized of many more overlooks to work by. Snipers will want to swap their scale scope out for an ACOG, yet a crack shot can do a great quantity of damage from a distance in this place.

Really though, shotguns and sub puppet guns are your best bet as antidote to Piazza. The map is filled through sharp corners and steep stairwells, to the sally that you’ll need to constantly subsist on your toes since you have power to never really be sure of at the time an enemy will suddenly come into scan. Close-range fighters can confidently bring forward around in the middle parts of the maps, during the time that snipers and other long-range fighters determination do best sticking to the fringes, by preference with a silencer.

The key through Piazza is to always be mindful of the kind of’s above you and among the shades you. Death can easily come from any angle. While it’s definitely influential to keep your eyes on the track ahead, ignoring the raised balconies and walkways in the manner that you proceed will result in undeniable death sooner or later. The force moves quickly and intensely on Piazza, admitting I don’t see this common supplanting Dome as MW3‘s Nuketown (the diminutive Black Ops map). It’s suitable too unpredictable. This one, moreso plane than Liberation, is definitely going to live forward as a “love it or loathe it” type of environment.


(Ryan Fleming) Piazza is a deviating type of map in every opportunity to pass from Liberation. It is small and confined, with a few areas that can post-haste turn into choke points. People that venus their shotguns will be free to terrorize and incommode the crap out of opponents by free reign. Sniper rifles will have existence fairly useless in the center of the draw, but as Adam noted, a prepared sniper have power to hold down the sides of the maps. SMGs elect be right at home, and determine likely be the weapon of select for most. I personally love the recklessly paced nature of Piazza, but whereas people are spread out all upward ofing the map, spawning can suck (greater degree so than usual). I may or may not take considered throwing a controller at minutest once.

The various map types wholly work fairly well here. Domination have power to be fun, but there are overplus issues. Holding onto a flag have power to be easy, especially with claymores and the like, only attacking can make you angry to the stop that you want to punch affair cute. There are multiple pathways every one of throughout the map, so there are ways however. Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed are the pair a good fit for this picture, and Search and Destroy can propose some interesting possibilities.

Survival can any one lead to an epic stand, or a frustrating united. You can easily set up defenses in areas that can hold off endless waves of enemies, nevertheless if a few make it through ., you will find yourself trapped. Moving encompassing might be the best strategy, except it is also a risky individual. Still, it makes for a unlike experience than most survival maps.



Both maps propose something new to the current selection. Neither really blew us away, otherwise than that we both thought that they testament make for a good bit of kind in the rotation. The level design is grave, and both maps are designed to volunteer a certain amount of gameplay multiplicity. Liberation gives snipers and distance players a repaired playground to try out, while Piazza is going to appeal to fast-paced players that etc their short range weapons. Both maps are a obliging addition, and a nice kickoff to the while of content.



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