Canon 7D 2.0.X firmware update scheduled for August, brings plenty of free fixins

| July 7, 2012

It’s fatiguing to believe, but the last the continue time we covered a major firmware update according to Canon’s 7D DLSR the iPhone 4 was serene fresh in our minds. Now, intimately two years later, Canon is oblation up a bevy of new features in spite of the camera with its soon to be released — and free — 2.0.X update. To startle, folks who shoot RAW will be pleased to know that they be possible to shoot up to 25 continuous frames (17 in RAW + JPEG) in split mode — that’s up from reasonable 15 previously. You’ll also exist able to edit images captured in the format upright from the camera, as well similar to set a maximum limit of 6400 (up from 3200) in opposition to its Auto ISO mode. If that wasn’t enough, Geotaggers should know that Canon is too going to make its GP-E2 GPS module (originally introduced by the 5D Mark III) 7D-compatible. Lastly, videographers are acquisition a nice bump in the audio and multi-camera shooting departments; you’ll have existence able to manually control the mic-input through a choice of 64 volume levels (like the Mark II) and each updated sub-menu interface will give the first four characters of your videos’ toothed names to be changed. The update won’t exist available until early August, but you’ll contribute full details and a video demo at the fountain-head. well link below.

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New Firmware Enhances Functionality Of EOS 7D Digital SLR
Free Update Increases Buffer Capacity to 25 RAW Images, Adds In-Camera RAW Processing and Many Other New Features

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., June 28, 2012 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a chieftain in digital imaging solutions, announced a firmware update instead of the EOS 7D Digital SLR camera that adds commencing functionality to improve its performance against serious photographers and semi-professional users. The update, emancipate to all EOS 7D owners, gives the camera in greater numbers advanced shooting options, including an augment in the maximum number of blow up images taken in the RAW toothed format (from 15i frames to 25ii frames) considered in the state of well as the ability to procedure RAW image files directly in the camera and the option to set a maximum ISO setting in ISO Auto way . The firmware also adds the facility to adjust up to 64 audio levels manually prior to recording video, supports custom toothed naming, and allows for compatibility through Canon’s newly introduced, optional GPS Receiver GP-E2.

“By introducing this firmware we wish our customers to know that we are ever looking to enhance the user experience for all of our current products in the marketplace,” declared Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and whole manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon U.S.A. “The latest firmware in opposition to the EOS 7D Digital SLR enhances the capabilities of the camera and brings renovated possibilities to its users, making it a other thing valuable tool for their craft.”
Enhancing the Imaging and Audio Capabilities

For budding performance photographers who use the EOS 7D like their camera of choice, being able to capture the perfect shot comes down to a difficulty of milliseconds. The EOS 7D is able of taking photos at a extreme-speed burst rate of up to 8 frames by means of second (fps). With the firmware installed the camera captures up to 25 succeeding regularly frames when shooting in RAW and up to 17iii succeeding regularly frames when taking RAW+JPEG images.

Once the firmware is installed the EOS 7D determine also be able to process RAW images directly in the camera, allowing dynamic agreement of exposure compensation, white balance, similitude style, noise reduction at high ISO speeds, distortion correction, and other processing parameters. For volatile photographers, this ability to adjust RAW images in a short time and re-save them as JPEG files be possible to be a huge time-saver viewed like opposed to downloading files to a computer and form adjustments later. The camera will likewise be able to re-size JPEG resemblance files in-camera. These features direct be accessible through the Quick Control functions which will be accessible while the camera is in playback modification. When viewing images on the camera, fancy files can also be given a lot ranking for easy sorting during stigmatize processing. The firmware will also make capable faster scrolling of images when displayed in a magnified inspect on the camera’s LCD hide.

The new firmware enables photographers to be in possession of more control over the maximum ISO quicken when the camera is in ISO Auto method by setting a maximum ISO rank. In certain low-light scenarios, of that kind as during a sunset, where illustration changes each minute, photographers can fail to keep the brilliance and color if the ISO setting is too high. Now, photographers can ensure their ISO setting resolution remain within specific parameters allowing them to reduce by evaporation on the moment, knowing that they direct achieve the desired photographic results. The firmware in addition adjusts the available ISO Auto set in a row, previously 100-3200 and now ISO 100-6400.

In joining to these enhancements, the new EOS 7D firmware enables by the hand adjustment of audio levels prior to recording video, resembling to the functionality found on the EOS 5D Mark II. Videographers have power to now manually adjust up to 64 audio levels steady the EOS 7D so that they can refine the captured audio to suit their particular needs.

Similar to the commencing EOS 5D Mark III, a of the present day submenu provided with the EOS 7D firmware update enables photographers to soften the first four characters of toothed names, in the camera. This precious feature makes it easier to exercise the EOS 7D camera in multi-camera shooting situations through . providing a way to identify the files approach from a particular camera without breach each image individually.
Canon GPS Compatibility

The recent firmware adds full compatibility for the EOS 7D with Canon’s GPS Receiver GP-E2. This GPS Receiver be able to be mounted to the camera’s confederate. shoe or clipped to a cestus and tethered via a USB cable. The GP-E2 was created to aid outdoor photographers; it records shooting locations including laxity, longitude and altitude, as well similar to camera direction. The camera’s inward clock can now synced through the GPS one using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), the main standard by which time is regulated, in favor of accurate time recording or syncing clocks adhering multiple cameras. A GPS Logging form can display the photographer’s route on a map, using supplied software.

The renovated firmware upgrade for the EOS 7D Digital SLR camera into union with installation instructions will be useful in early August at no charge end Canon U.S.A.’s website. For other thing information please visit the following fasten to view an online video relative to the new EOS 7D firmware features,


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