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| March 22, 2012


March 14

SeahorseCheesy Sea Horse: A Cheeto in the image of a seahorse is up as being auction on Ebay, in case you’re partial. A Virginia couple on vacation in the Florida Keys was enjoying a hardly any bags of Cheetos when the wife pulled out individual in the shape of a seahorse. The bond recalled other Ebay items in the form of real-world things (grilled cheese Virgin Mary, anyone?) that pulled in thousands. So they oblige the Cheeto up for sale steady Ebay for a buy-it-at present purchase of $8,000 in the hopes of helping coral reef protection. Current bid at the time of book: $28.00. Free shipping. (1:05 a.m.) via Orlando Sentinal and Underwater Times

New Hip? Hold the Metal: As fictitious hip technology gets more sophisticated, further and more Americans (about 285,000 either year) have gone under the knife to influence rid of their chronic pain and reobtain a smoother walk. But sometimes technology backfires. Metal-steady-metal hip replacements, where both the assumed ball and socket are made up of metal, be under the necessity shown an alarmingly high failure reckon of about 6 percent (compared through 1.7 to 2.3 percent in spite of those with ceramic or plastic joints). Now a new British study suggests doctors should rest using the all-metal replacements utterly. In the United States, safety studies on the hips are ongoing. (11:55 a.m.) by way of New York Times

March 13

Earmuff Day: It’s Earmuff Day today in the United States! Yes, positively. According to Weather Underground, much of the unrefined was unseasonably warm today, meaning that sole people at the tops of mountains in the West needed earmuffs today. Most of us needed sunblock. Earmuff Day came near because earmuffs were patented on this appointed time in 1877. 5:25 p.m. via Holiday Insights

Don’t Know Much About History…Books: Remember toting round that thick, heavy history textbook in drill? Students at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco bear lighter backpacks thanks to a narrative program that uses no textbooks –- and they outscored their peers. Following a pattern created at Stanford University, the students in place analyze journal writings, memoirs, speeches, songs, photographs, illustrations, and other documents expressly from different periods in history. At year’s close, a study found the young historians outperformed fellow students in reading comprehension, historical judgment, recall of historical facts, and indefinite reasoning. The course model is very lately available as a download to totality teachers for free from the Internet. So well-nigh the course has been downloaded greater amount of than a quarter of a the public times. (1:00 p.m.) via Futurity

Enemies of the Internet: Reporters Without Borders has added Bahrain and Belarus to its wish of Enemies of the Internet. These are countries that circumscribe its people from freely using the Internet to get or decimate information, particularly that with a political slant. In some countries, bloggers are imprisoned or even killed. The “Enemies of the Internet” border includes Bahrain, Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam. (10:33 a.m.) via Deutsche Welle

Rise of RoboCop: Remote controlled helicopter police drones are heart increasingly used to apprehend suspects, if it be not that there is concern that these robotic “eyes in the weather” could become platforms for non-mortal weapons. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has steer an order in for a $300,000 ShadowHawk make a dull humming sound and Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel has uttered he’s open to the essence of attaching non-lethal weapons — of that kind as tear gas launchers and caoutchouc bullets. If this idea goes in advance, how long will it be judgment not-so-non-lethal weapons are attached to these flying ‘bots? Have they not seen RoboCop?! (9:30 a.m.) via Slash Gear

Password Protect: Off? As civic media evolves from a “tool” into a ubiquitous means of communicating, there’s border to be some controversy surrounding the excess between privacy and protection — especially at what time minors are involved. But at what point does protection go too farther? In a Minnesota law suit, it is alleged that a 12-year-old girl was bullied by officials to indicator over her Facebook password. The argue began when the student apparently well-informed strong views against her school and teachers; the control then intervened when they were informed the learner was talking about sex on her Facebook outline. The allegations are denied by the govern, but it does raise some unwieldy questions about freedom of speech and brat protection. (8:46 a.m.) via MSNBC

March 12

Hitchcock Day: Today is National Hitchcock Day and the race-course of his best films are boundless. Here’s one and here’s one more one, and another. But if you fall short in to hear from the man himself near what makes adults frightened (hint: “It’s every part of about ‘Red Riding Hood’”) or that which he really thought of film in his sunshineight, you should check out this meeting on YouTube. (5:30 p.m.) by way of YouTube

Kids on TV: This infographic, from, outlines the quality of children watching TV today, and it’s shocking. We’ve all seen the stats prior to — kids on average watch more TV for year than hours spent in institute, for instance — but it’s everlastingly nice to see it all in the same place. (3:54 p.m.) by way of

Mo’ Money: If you live in California and are belief about buying an electric car, at present is the time. The state is sacrifice an additional $2,500 tax credit forward top of the federal tax credit of $7,500 as far as concerns anyone who buys a Ford Focus Electric. That’s $10K over the base price of $39,200. If you be impelled a Ford Focus Electric (or a Chevy Volt for that matter) in Cali, you have power to also drive in the HOV narrow passage without a passenger, too. How awesome is that. (3:12 p.m.) via Inhabitat

MOHO Mapped: GOCE satellite heaviness measurements have allowed geologists to map the boundary between Earth’s crust and its spread in unprecedented detail. The discontinuity — called the MOHO verge, named after its discoverer Croatian seismologist Andrija Mohorovii — exists at different depths around the world and is a impute where rock properties change and spare for seismic waves in the expand to travel at faster velocities than close the surface where the predominantly baslatic and granitic rocks are smaller quantity dense than the deeper peridotites. The basaltic-fertile oceanic crust is much thinner in ordinary than the granitic continental crust and the Moho term as a result is closer to the superficies under the oceans. In the of the present day map the details of the greater quantity complex geology of the continents shows the variations that occur through depth under the mountain ranges and is expected to improve with plate tectonic movements and oil and elastic fluid exploration. (12:05 p.m.) via BBC


Spicy Fat? No Sweat: Like a pungent curry, but worried about the ghee? There may exist less reason to worry. A new study from Penn State finds that efficient spice in a meal helps slash the levels of triglycerides, a representative of fat, in the blood. Testing foods that included a combine of garlic, turmeric, as well in the same proportion that paprika, rosemary and ginger, the Penn State researchers were surprised to beware a drop in blood’s portly levels, as well as a distinguished 20 percent dip in insulin levels. Not barely does the study suggest eating pungent foods might hold some health benefit, it might also mean that someday firm spices could play a role in medicines. (10:50 a.m.) by way of NPR

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