First Four Exoplanets of 2012 Discovered

| January 15, 2012


Only four days into the New Year and the primitive four exoplanets of 2012 have been spotted orbiting four distant stars.

All four remote worlds are known as “hot Jupiters” — great gas giant planets orbiting very grapplequarters to their stars. Their orbits are aligned appropriate right with the Earth so that whenever they pass in front of their father stars, they slightly dim the starlight from scan.

Only 4 days into 2012 and already 4 new Hot Jupiters: HAT-P-34, HAT-P-35, HAT-P-36, HAT-P-37. — Twitter advertisement by @ExoplanetApp

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As exoplanets transcend in front of their stars, a weak dip in star brightness may subsist detected. This detection method is known to the degree that the “transit method.” This is in etc. to the “radial velocity method,” at the time the gravitational pull of an exoplanet causes its parent star to wobble slightly.*

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