Flame Thrower Glove (video)

| February 29, 2012

Nothing says “take notice at me” like a burn throwing glove, right?  Patrick Priebe developed, designed and built this glove what one. can shoot flames from the trophies of his hand by up to 3-4 feet.   Want it?  Tough, it ain’t towards sale, but what you can realize is a bit more info on the eve the glove, though it won’t be enough to build your own, except your of genius level intelligence.

Apparently, this isn’t Priebe’s elementary glove based system.  Previous projects accept included a 1-megawatt pulse laser gun, and a balloon-popping palm laser.  Design crafty he incorporated the base design from his laser glove and in consequence folded in a 300-mL cistern, NE555 circuit board, an HV driver, a flyback transformer and a fix of AA batteries to create a comprehensive enough spark to ignite the material for burning.  We really don’t be sure what does what, but the results articulate to themselves.    It also doesn’t damage that the glove could probably be hidden beneath a jacket and is elegant with aluminum and brass accents.


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