Gabe Newell: Steam on Linux a response to the coming Windows 8 “catastrophe”

| August 5, 2012

Valve has been patiently working on a Linux version of Steam towards some time, but the motivation on this account that that change has not been entirely known. At the Casual Connect videogame parley in Seattle, Valve’s top adult male, Gabe Newell, explained that he sees Linux of the same kind with an important gaming platform because Windows 8 is going to be a “catastrophe.” Yikes.

Valve is in the proceeding of porting its popular games like Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2 to Linux. Newell specifically refers to this in the same proportion that Valve’s “hedging strategy” to patronize the company from the negative movables of Windows 8. Newell, by the passage, is a former Microsoft employee, and well-known notwithstanding is distrust of the company.

Newell’s important concern about the future of Windows appears to exist Microsoft’s increasing effort to repress the platform and limit access to competitors. He cites the potentiality that some OEMs will just close making PC hardware for Windows 8 because margins shrink to nothing. It was the candor of the PC that allowed Valve to approach into being, and Newell contends that it be possible to’t survive on a closed platform.

Microsoft intends to reveal its own Windows app store through Xbox Live integration in Windows 8, which could account for some of Newell’s abhorrence. Gamers might find that experience compelling, and wear away less money on Steam. We have power to also be sure Microsoft will design the actual trial to push users toward its acknowledge game ecosystem.

For the Linux users out there, this is killer news. Valve is in the long run committed to bringing real games to this many times overlooked platform. Whether or not Windows 8 is a consummation, at least you’ll have greater quantity choices when it comes to gaming platforms.

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