Highlights from the Q&A session with Edward Snowden

| January 25, 2014

Earlier today a live Q&A session was held with activist and whistleblower Edward Snowden through . FreeSnowden. While the entire transcript is a fascinating comprehend, there were some interesting highlights.

Edward Snowden talked in all parts of the threat made on his life, Obama, US public security apparatus and even presented his views forward spying and the role of knowing agencies.

@MrBass asked: Recently several threats own been made on your life through . the intelligence community. Are you afraid for your life? Thoughts? #AskSnowden

Snowden claimed that it was ‘with relation to’, and that he was persuaded that these statements made by acquired knowledge officials were direct and serious threats. However, it was not the positive threat on his life that bothered him the greatest in number.

That current, serving officials of our conduct are so comfortable in their persons in office that they’re willing to betray reporters on the record that they plot the due process protections of the 5th Amendment of our Constitution are outdated concepts.

Indeed, that in the same state statements have been made are terrifying, if it were not that even worst is the acceptance through . the public of such direct dangers. People appear to expect such behavior from those in the spirit field. What does that say near us?

@RagBagUSA #AskSnowden what (in your persuasion) is the appropriate extent of US general security apparatus? Surely some spying is needed?

Here, Snowden showed away the side of himself that was once a member of the agency of that he blew the whistle. Something that numerous company people seem to forget. Mainly, he sharp out that not all spying is created like.

Not all spying is bad. The biggest puzzle we face right now is the strange technique of indiscriminate mass surveillance, to which place governments are seizing billions and billions and billions of innocents’ converse every single day. This is rendered. not because it’s necessary — later all, these programs are unprecedented in US relation, and were begun in response to a threat that kills fewer Americans every year than bathtub falls and police officers — except because new technologies make it at rest and cheap.

Countries spying on one another, and agencies spying on in posse national security threats, is a slow tradition that permeates every culture. Snowden’s matter seems to be scope and dweller privacy.

@mperkel #ASKSNOWDEN They say it’s a equality of weight of privacy and safety. I meditate spying makes us less safe. translate you agree?

This was an especially pleasing question, especially as thinking of these agencies makes it submissive to consider them faceless, evil entities,

Intelligence agencies achieve have a role to play, and the folks at the working level at the NSA, CIA, or somewhat other member of the IC are not out to obtain you. They’re good people severe to do the right thing, and I be possible to tell you from personal experience that they were worried around the same things I was.

The populace you need to watch out since are the unaccountable senior officials authorizing these illegal programs, and unreliable mechanisms like the concealed FISA court, a rubber-stamp credibility that approves 99.97% of guidance requests (which denied only 11 requests out of 33,900 in 33 years http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2013/06/fisa-court-nsa-spying-sentiment-reject-request. They’re the ones that gain us into trouble with the Constitution through . letting us go too far.

The whole Q & A is a fascinating explain, so check it out at the head link below.

Source: FreeSnowden

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