Japanese 3DS owners happy to pay $200 for a bigger screen

| July 30, 2012

A enumerate of Japanese gamers conducted by Weekly Famitsu, which included 552 responses, found that a fate of gamers are very interested in buying a 3DS XL, even if they already own a model 3DS.

Over 50% of the respondents declared they’re interested in purchasing a 3DS XL. 71.7% of those before that time own a 3DS and simply require an upgrade from their current original. This may come as a surprise in the same proportion that the only difference between the two consoles is the 90% bigger shield size and the lack of charging cable. But at that time, Nintendo did say a big defend is what gamers were telling them they wanted.

Over 50% too said the price is reasonable, what one. isn’t unexpected considering the 3DS XL resoluteness cost $199.99, just $15-$20 other thing than the price of a support 3DS.

What Japanese gamers are most looking forward to playing on the renovated machine will not come as a surprise to anyone. The extremely prevalent Monster Hunter 3G was of race top of the list with 146 votes, followed by Mario Kart 7 with 60 votes and thirdly, Resident Evil: Liberation had 38 votes. Gamers were affected evenly split on color choice, with 38.9% wanting red and dismal, 32.8% preferring white, and 28.3% looking at the silvery and black model.

It seems that most gamers, in Japan at least, are looking confident to the 3DS XL. However, I did anticipate a lot more than just through the whole extent of 50% to be interested based attached the source of this poll.

The receiving for the new machine has been mostly positive, but Nintendo could have included a second thumbstick and made a lot of gamers self-same happy. Apart from that, the solely negative has been the decision to not ship a energy adapter as standard, but at least the price of the charger has dropped, and you be able to use your existing 3DS and DS ones.

The 3DS XL is out in Japan forward July 28 and will be beneficial in the US on August 19.

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