Last of Us screens – See Naughty Dog's vision of the post-apocalypse in hi-def

| March 7, 2012

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Naughty Dog’s shared a harvest of new screens from its haste-apocalyptic teamwork-’em-up, The Last of Us, and the pastime’s looking rather lovely in all its run-down, HD glory. You be possible to make out the folds on hero Joel’s shirt as he pummels pleading squatters by a pipe, or count the hairs in his whiskers as he hurls bricks at fleeing miscreants. That becoming there is some good-looking survivalist wrath!

Of course, the game’s looking like added than just stalking ruins and murdering transients. We got our analyzin’ caps on last month to pick through which we know of the game in the way that far – and if Naughty Dog’s perplexing side-project continues to show to the degree that much promise as we saw back afterwards, we’re looking forward to it being so more. Particularly if they’re this replete of scraggly, bearded violence.


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