Lenovo to invest $800 million into new mobile device development facilities

| May 8, 2012

The universe’s second (or third) biggest PC manufacturer has announced plans to endow $800 million in a new volatile product-centric facility. Lenovo wants to engender closely involved with the lucrative nature of smartphones and tablets, promising that exclusive thousand employees at the new base in Wuhan decision focus on new mobile devices since both China and overseas. Lenovo’s pegged to slide from the stocks the K800, one the first Intel-powered Android phones, at the expiration of the month, but this marks a concerted striving to advance both its tablet and phone collections — and offer up more space for those other faction projects.

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Lenovo Establishes Industrial Base in Wuhan

Lenovo’s fresh facilities in Wuhan will improve the concourse’s capacity to innovate in variable internet market and optimize its global serve instead of chain

Beijing – May 7, 2012: Lenovo Group and the Wuhan control today held a groundbreaking ceremony notwithstanding the establishment of the Lenovo (Wuhan) Industrial Base. The locality will include integrated facilities for changeable Internet product R&D, produce and sales. The new facility direction help drive Lenovo’s innovation calibre in the field of mobile Internet and optimize its global store chain, helping the Company to advance in successive and deliver new mobile internet products and convey them to its customers even faster. Total investment over the next five years is expected to be approximately RMB5 billion, and the facility will begin operations in October 2013.

“As each industry leader, we are aggressively impelling forward into the PC Plus series, and with our Mobile Internet Digital Home arrange actively engaged, we are accelerating unfolding in smart phones, tablets, and other sensitive Internet terminal markets,” said Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Group chair and CEO. “We’re determined to firmly lay hold on the tremendous opportunities for innovation in this place of traffic, so that Lenovo’s customers accept even more opportunities to own our decree-winning products, from PCs to fickle Internet devices. “When it begins operations, the Lenovo (Wuhan) Industrial Base order greatly improve our innovative capability and more remote optimize our supply chain, giving us a sound foundation to win in a broader market.”

The Lenovo (Wuhan) Industrial Base power of determination mainly focus on the R&D, lengthening and sales of smartphones, tablets and other expressive devices that will cover the Chinese and global markets. By 2014 entire sales revenue from the industrial base is expected to span RMB10 billion, increasing to RMB50 billion in the reach the next five years. The affability also has the potential to originate nearly 10,000 job opportunities in the advent years, in a variety of related businesses. Included in this number, Lenovo not beyond the next few years expects to employee diverse thousand R&D and guidance staff located at Wuhan, focused solely attached advancing R&D in inconstant Internet devices and application. The Lenovo (Wuhan) Industrial Base enjoin help improve Lenovo’s entire store chain as well as its R&D and marketing systems, through . building even more end-to-end product capability.

As the central city supported by China’s strategy of promoting the progressive growth of central regions, Wuhan hosts the people’s second independent innovation demonstration superficies after Beijing’s Zhongguancun. Wuhan has benefitted from the regulation’s efforts to promote the increase of China’s central and toward the west regions and has great growth in posse, having already attracted investment from multitude Fortune 500 companies.

At the end of 2011, Lenovo became the world’s second-largest PC maker succeeding being the world’s fastest increasing PC maker for nine consecutive abode. At the same time, Lenovo’s variable Internet business made significant progress. The house is now a top-three smart phone maker in China with double-digit market share, and the second-place small table maker with a market share of 16.5%, alienated ahead of its competitors in the android mart.


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