New Far Cry 3 screens successfully argue for Far Cry 3's gorgeousness

| March 6, 2012

Seeings while Far Cry 3′s been outed similar to a late-September release for Ubisoft, it’s over time for the title to flinch demonstrating how it intends to woo you. These shots present itself some clues, mixing up the trailer’s handheld descent-into-psychological-turmoil plotline with more good old-fashioned guns ‘n’ ammo. And explosions, and knives, and cars, and… in the same manner forth.

Among the many winsome sights offered by these screens, you’ll also short letter the state-of-the-art, phlebotomy-edge technology used to render a clean absence of game-crippling supermutants – a gladly received development in any game that looks this much like a really, really pretty advance on the original Far Cry. Note in addition the apparent inclusion of a “bring together rare mushrooms for a strange decayed mentor” section – putting the game in the set of several Zelda games, any include of Carlos Castaneda books, and, um, Cooking Mama? You’re manumit to guess which direction the enterprise may elect to take things…

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