Parrot AR.Drone joins forces with Epson Moverio BT-100 (video)

| March 10, 2012

Let’s tell you’ve explored all the corrupted cathedrals in your hometown and take decimated all comers on the indirect battlefield — if your interest in the Parrot AR.Drone has begun to diminution, then take a gander at this small piece of handiwork from Thomas Sohmers and conceit of what could be. Essentially, he’s taken the favorite UAV from Parrot and has combined it by a transparent, head-mounted display that allows one to simultaneously view the AR.Drone and every overlay of its video feed. More than reasonable a set of glasses, the Epson Moverio BT-100 was chimerical for the task as it in like manner features a handheld controller that suitable so happens to run Android. While Sohmers has met by good success in combining the two devices, the yield isn’t quite ready for mass consumption — for example, it’s said the AR.Drone have power to only rotate and move vertically at this verge. While you’ll have to appliance a bit of your imagination on account of the heads-up display component, you be possible to find a demonstration of Sohmers’ nomination in a video after the weaken.


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