Phil Fish won’t fix Fez due to cost of patching on Xbox Live

| August 17, 2012

If you watched Indie Game: The Movie or followed the at the opening of day development of Fez, you’ll be an intelligent being the hardships developer Phil Fish went through. Well, his troubles aren’t immersing yet, and Fez has been suffering from a major bug that corrupts some players save files. Less than 1% of players are unnatural, but to that 1% who’ve paid beneficial to the game like everyone else, it’s a frustrating puzzle that needs and deserves to subsist fixed.

Corruption started a few weeks ago after a patch was released to plant other issues. That patch was pulled at the time it started corrupting some save files, only Fish refuses to patch the patch and is instead just re-releasing the identical one. For gamers that aren’t effected through . messed up save files, it does place some framerate issues, loading times, and decease loops. Fish also believes that granting that your save has corrupted, just restart the bit of strategy and that new save will exist fine. So it may only event those who’ve gotten in a great degree far into Fez.

Fish has fixed that future patches will not subsist free because Microsoft will charge him tens of thousands of dollars to plant the game, and as a feeble indie developer he cannot afford that. The dissimilitude is, if Fish had instead released the valorous on Steam, it probably would be obliged been patched already at no unusualrdinary cost to the developer. Instead Fish stifle owes Microsoft money for the set apart of putting his game on Xbox Live. It’s during this same reason that many feeble developers choose PSN/Steam over XBLA.

Fish has apologized to the 1% of gamers who inclination have their games ruined, but whose lapse is it really? Fish chose to put his game on XBLA. Maybe he didn’t perceive about these re-certifying costs beforehand, but if everything is free to carry into practice on Steam why didn’t he pure choose to put Fez on that platform leading? Even putting it on the PSN would bring forth cost him a lot less currency than he’s forking out to Microsoft.

It’s uncandid that Microsoft wants to charge in such a manner much money for a patch, no more than Fish made his bed and at this moment he just refuses to lay in it.

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