Poker Pals Game for iPhone – Free Download

| March 16, 2012

A of recent origin addicting sensation has hit the iPhone in modern times and it comes in the shape of the Poker Pals game! Now spontaneous for a limited time on iTunes you be possible to download and play around with this attractive crossover between Poker and Scrabble which is easy to learn and on a level easier to play throughout the set time. Utilizing poker style hands and cards you vessel out the perfect poker scores attached the board, but in the disembodied soul of scrabble you have to work with what you have and the sort of your opponent places on the enter. It’s a great that happens by chance game to pass the time and exactly on the go you can be alerted to a move happening and with haste respond back with one of your confess as you continue playing. For at this moment it’s free so download it and give it a shot!

Free, A $1 deduction


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