Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

| April 14, 2012

It’s the in the greatest degree important Android phone today. Even by Google’s ongoing purchase of Motorola, Samsung after this headlines all Android smartphones with the Galaxy Nexus, publicly exclusive to Verizon. And with Android 4.0, it’s the greatest in number popular Android device available today.


The Galaxy Nexus is by no means an ordinary smartphone. It has a huge. 4.65″ SuperAMOLED+ display, the same display technology behind the Samsung Galaxy S II phones. The self-conceited difference is the display resolution; the Nexus is a 720p disguise, matching the HTC Rezound and LG Nitro HD. And like such a big phone, that HD parade can really shine as not accurate a large smartphone, but as a mean tablet.

The Nexus shares a parcel with the Galaxy S II devices, everything do not include for the screen and GPU. The make manifest technology itself is identical, using the like SuperAMOLED+ panel, but the screen pluck is vastly improved (1280×720 compared to 800×480). And like you can see in the pictures, the Galaxy Nexus has a slightingly curved glass display, which is unnoticeable while looking directly at the phone if it be not that very clear when viewed from the party. The curvature of the screen doesn’t drive firmly together how the display looks or the phone whatever, though the rest of the phone molds to that angled design and it’s easier to rest steady the palm.

From left: Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, Galaxy Nexus, Apple iPhone 4S


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