Samsung’s GT-B5330 shows up in leaked photos, flaunts its QWERTY traits

| July 20, 2012

If whole those bells and whistles packed interior that famed Galaxy S III are a small bit much for you, then perchance you might be interested in this Sammy-branded GT-B5330 and wholly of its relatively modest qualities. For starters, the fraud is bound to be a satisfaction to those who love the feel of physical QWERTY keys, with Sammy Hub also reporting that it’s sporting an unpretentious QVGA, 320 x 240 cloak and a bearable 850MHz processor — everything while being powered by a Samsung essence of Ice Cream Sandwich. As is usually the question with these early appearances, though, mute’s the word on when this GT-B5330 have a mind make its official debut. That declared, something tells us this won’t have existence the last time we’ll subsist seeing this guy show off its typing attributes.


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