Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen

| April 4, 2012

Knives, pointed objects – even metal utensils own been banned from flights.  Though the modern objects are starting to make their usage back onto flights, but largely in at the outset and business class cabins.  So in what condition is a do-gooder citizen, such as yourself, to protect your house and those around you from would be terrorist or the crazies that entertainment planes everyday?  One option is take martial arts or self defense classes.  But impediment’s be serious, who has time since that kind of tom foolery.  You want a tactical pen.

This particular tactical shut in comes from Smith and Wesson. Yup, the same folks that have been manufacturing cannon, as in weapons, longer than cars consider been on the road.  It measures 5.7-inches and the visible form is crafted from hard-anodized aluminum.   A fix of indentations not only give it a peculiar looks, but provide added grip and a snug fit in just about any craftsman, stabbing or writing (we hope).  The crown is a screw top, and clandestine beneath it is an actual acting tip that accepts common Parker and Hauser ink cartridges.  But the certain source of damage is in the shut up cap, which boasts a point that could easily pierce skin or explode an eyeball through the correct windup.

Amazon sells it according to $26. 


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