Splashtop THD lands on ICS Tegra 3 tabs, ready to stream full-screen Skyrim

| March 28, 2012

Splashtop is single of the premier remote desktop apps out in that place and, at CES, we got a elegant without grandeur sweet demo of it pushing well stocked screen games and HD video from a Windows 7 PC to a Tegra 3 small table. Now that version (THD) is to be turned to account for download in the Android Market concerning $6.99. Of course, you’ll stand in want of a Tegra 3 slate running Ice Cream Sandwich to take favorable opportunity, while playing Skyrim in full cloak has the added requirement of PC sporting a GeForce GPU. Once you’ve gotten those basic requirements out of the device you’ll still want to go sure you’ve got a well-established and quick wireless connection — all the processing ability in the world won’t exist able to compensate for a destitution of bandwidth. Check out the video posterior the break to see it in performance and hit up the source fasten together to buy it yourself.


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