Spotify vs iTunes Match (comparison)

| March 25, 2012

The Apple iCloud office of devotion debuted toward the end of latest year and isn’t a score streaming subscription site, but rather acts because a music locker service where the emphasis is on the music you already own. Instead of streaming music, you download it and get by payment music on a track-by-vestige basis with storage limits to contemplate when you want iCloud to horsemanship non-iTunes purchases. Spofity started in 2008 rudimentary in Europe and has become a cyclopean success in the States. The DRM-based harmony subscription service streams millions of tracks and have power to be used on a variety of platforms at the time that purchasing the premium option.

Compatible Devices

iTunes mate obviously works with Mac computers iPhones, iPads and iPod touches and on the same level works with Windows, but the utility isn’t compatible with Android, Blackberry, Palm or anything that isn’t iOS based. Spotify, without ceasing the other hand, is available forward many more devices. Not only is it compatible through all iOS devices and Windows, except it’s available on Android phones and home devices, including Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch or Radio, Onkyo home cinema receivers, Sonos wireless minstrelsy systems, Boxee, WD TV Live or WD TV Live Hub media idler, Philips Streamium Wireless Hi-Fi constituting systems and TeliaSonera digital TV.

Winner: Spotify has crowd more devices than iTunes Match

Computer Application

Since iTunes Match is built fit into iTunes on your computer, it’s interface is very familiar and easy to use. When it’s in iCloud, it’s advantageous on all your devices. So you be able to enjoy all your music anywhere, anytime—attached your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV. Uploading songs is affluent since the system finds file matches from your stormy drive instead of uploading songs even now in the cloud. Hit play steady a song in the cloud, and it plays tolerably quickly. You can stream or download through up to 10 devices (five devices be able to be computers). Anyone in the U.S. and choose other countries with an Apple ID be possible to use iTunes Match, and they’ll be in want of iTunes 10.5.1 or later forward their Mac or PC to use it. Just go to your iTunes, choose iTunes Match in the sidebar and take down your Apple ID and password to subscribe. iTunes rival will then begin to scan and equal your library and upload your melody to the iCloud right away. When it’s perfected there will be an iCloud icon in your iTunes library next to songs that are now stored in the multitude.

Spofity actually modeled their desktop interface on the model of iTunes, so it’s also actual familiar and fairly easy to use. Just set up an account through a username and password, decide if you want premium, unlimited or the open version, download it to your computer (PC or Mac) and you’re commodious to go. There’s even a hardship run for free if you’d like to experiment out the subscription services. The interface has its preferences without ceasing the left side and the homepage of Spotify shows of the present day releases and top feeds of the kind of your Facebook friends are listening to. Overall, searches are rapid and music streams as soon considered in the state of you click on it. There’s not at all recommendation engine, but you can gentle see info on related artists by going to their specific page. Artists’ pages contain tabs like Bio, Overview and Related Artists in the way that you can continue your own harmony discovery. There’s even various Apps you be able to install into the desktop version like cap lists from music magazines and besides. Those who aren’t interested in a subscription avail from Spotify can use the allowed desktop app, but with limitations.

Winner: iTunes Match is incorporated right into your iTunes.

Mobile Application

iTunes Match is incorporated into your iOS devices via the Music app, making it, another time familiar, and easy to use. Since it works through your Music app, just go to Settings forward your iOS devices and tap Music to propensity on iTunes Match. Your iOS devices exigency to have iOS 5.0.1 or later to caper. When you create, edit, or delete a playlist on your Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad, those changes be disposed sync across any iTunes Match-enabled emblematic legend you own. However, playlists with videos, voice memos, or PDF files will not sync. In greatest number cases, music is available instantly, yet there are some times when it takes a while. But the delay only seems to fall out when you play the first poesy on an album or playlist — there’s no hesitation from lay to song. Another nice trick: the songs don’t stream, but download to a cache attached your device, so if they’re playing and you bottom into a tunnel or where menial duties might get cut off, the ditty won’t stop. You also always have the option to download anything from your iCloud library to your iPhone or iPod.

Spotify’s sensitive app is an extension of the desktop reading, but doesn’t have any additional apps or the ability to have relation via Facebook. Searches can take a minutes and else than one device can access a fickle account if you have the recompense subscription, but only one person (or ruse) can use it at a time. However, you have power to get around this issue if you be esteemed into offline mode (which allows you to download symphony to your device). The mobile app doesn’t aspect a related artist tab or sundry of the tabs found on the desktop reading, which can make discovery a crumb frustrating.

Winner: iTunes Match does move it easier to have music adhering the go given it works through the Music app.

Sound Quality

Spotify provides exceptional sound for its premium subscription users, who be able to stream their favorite tunes at a higher bitrate of up to 320kbps without ceasing their computer, while mobile has 160kbps (on the contrary there is a “low bandwidth” option of 96kbps for mobile devices). totality the music iTunes matches plays back from iCloud at 256-Kbps AAC DRM-open quality — even if your original archetype was of lower quality.

Winner: Spotify has a higher bitrate of up to 320kbps

Social Capabilities

Ping is Apple’s neighborly feature in iTunes and it’s elegant without grandeur blah. It’s not widely used and doesn’t verily enhance your social music listening experience. Spofity has triumphed in incorporating neighborly networking into its service, since it built Facebook fit into the desktop app. Plus, you can also easily share your favorite playlists via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.

Winner: Spotify’s integration by Facebook is huge


Both services possess licensing agreements with the major account labels, so you’ll be benefiting from a gigantic music selection with either Spotify or iTunes Match. Since Apple was the pristine company to get all four greater record labels on board, iTunes Match is proficient to push its library of greater degree than 20 million songs in the iTunes Store to at alldegree iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Spotify says they be in actual possession of 15 million songs, adding about 10,000 fresh tracks every day.

Winner: iTunes Match has in addition songs, including stuff from The Beatles, Metallica and greater amount of that Spotify doesn’t have.

Membership Perks

The “join” feature for iTunes Match is to a great extent unique and unlike what other throng storage services have. If the songs in your library are in addition in the iTunes store, you won’t obtain to spend a lot of time uploading your tunes to the blurred spot since iTunes scans your library and your songs are real to go. But the only time it does extremity to upload a song is whether you have something that isn’t carried in the iTunes Store. You have power to also store up to 25,000 songs in iCloud (greater quantity if songs are purchased from the iTunes Store), on the other hand only what you want to put in operation is stored on your device.

Spotify allows you to tide or download any song, even grant that you don’t own it, season Apple will make you purchase a verse if you don’t already have it. Since Spotify allows you to pour out or download any song regardless granting that you own it or not, you be able to easily create better playlists that wish also sync to your mobile design. Spofity also integrates with, which is a great service for discovering recently made known music. It also works with Shazam, the iPhone app that identifies songs through . listening to it. Spotify also has a sincere version for those not interested in subscribing to its guerdon or unlimited versions.

Winner: Spotify offers a lax version and even a trail individual for those interested in testing out its subscription services.


Sorry Apple lovers, on the contrary iTunes loses major points since it lacks streaming. iTunes Match requires you to download songs to your iOS design before you can listen to them, while Spotify allows you to stream instantly and just download music to your device against when you want to listen to substance offline. Apple’s Scan and Match isn’t in such a manner clear even though it says that iTunes direct recognize tracks taken from CDs, however said nothing about other files. Sure you can upload them to your iCloud account, but you’ll be using your liberal 5GB of storage. Spotfy has not at all problems recognizing tracks downloaded from other services. ). Syncing iTunes Match playlists or files is moreover sort of rough if you’re not every Apple lover and it doesn’t toil on mobile device not made through . Apple. Apple also has a restrict on the number of songs you can have in the cloud, which is 25,000, not including anything purchased in the iTunes hoard. That can be a problem since those who have huge music libraries. Also, enabling iTunes Match erases total the music you already have loaded into your iPhone and iPad, if it be not that you’re warned about this previously and have no other choice with respect to it. Spotify’s only real restriction is that is doesn’t be seized of an up-to-par music first view system.

Winner: Spotify has way smaller limitations than iTunes Match.


Pricing conducive to iTunes Match is only $25 through year. Spotify charges $4.99/month as being Unlimited, which includes add-free listening attached your computer ONLY and offers a $9.99/month because of their Premium service, which includes ad-not parsimonious listening, better sound quality, and expressive app accessibility on one device at a time.

Winner: iTunes Match is usage cheaper for a year’s subscription.

Overall Winner

It was a stop up race (5 vs 4) and Spotify came out without ceasing top! It seems Spotify is uniformly a better music subscription service to induce your money toward given its spacious selection of tunes, fairly easy usability and besides! However, for die-hard Mac fans, you really can’t go wrong with only $25 a month for iTunes Match, fabrication it pretty  affordable to do as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but if you can’t make ready up your mind!


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