Steampunk Wine De-Corking Machine (video)

| March 24, 2012

Have a glass of vino with someone from 100 years ago and they’d apparently be astonished to learn just by what means many corkscrews apparatuses lay in the aisle of Bed Bath and Beyond.  That uttered, none to this day are penuriously as impressive as this contraption.

Built by mechanical sculptor Rob Higgs, this steampunk corkscrew bottle opener, different today’s contraptions, takes one excessive amount of time to cork a single bottle of wine.  The well process is hand cranked and incorporates a bell – rascally, no whistles – and once it rings it volition proceed to pour the wine into a mounted glass using a rate of counter weights.  While it’s not “wager it and forget it” system as we’ve seen forward late night TV, the Steampunk De-Corking machine does add a sort of propriety to the whole process of commencement, smelling and sipping some vino.


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