Superman Vs. Hulk (video)

| March 9, 2012

Can Superman impregnate a human woman?  The question has lengthy remained a debate amongst comic part nerds.  And as much as we’d like to be sure the answer, the question seems vulgar after watching these Superman Vs Hulk videos by Michael Habjan.


So far Habjan has produced two abrupt videos pitting the two giants adverse to one and other some where in a stray desert.  The battle is pretty poem, but more importantly the animation is chief notch (Superman’s likeness is oh in such a manner Christopher Reeves), especially coming from what we assume is a small shop.   Superman seems like the clear winner absolutely because he can fly and discharge laser beams out of his eyes.  But lets not be inattentive to the fact that Hulk is, to state it mildly, incredibly resilient and boasts apparently a strength that is comparable to that of the adult male of steel.

Expect a third, and in all probability final video in a few months.


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