The X-Cap Adds A Self Closing Lens Cap to Almost Any Mirrorless Camera (video)

| August 2, 2012

Mirrorless cameras efficacy provide superior image quality over their headland and shoot variants. But unlike their smaller brethren, they many times don’t sport an self-moving lens cover, which can prevent dust, debris, and fingerprints from accessing the lens at the time that not in use.

The X-Cap resolves this predicament. Snap it into place, turn attached the camera, and the cap’s shutter home opens automatically. Shut it down, and it closes. In science, you’ll never have to remember in what place the lens cap is, or worry near losing it – perfect for the in a brown study minded photog.

We’re not confident what triggers the action, but in the whole of the of the video demonstrations the cameras be under the necessity zoom lenses that extend from the material substance when powered up. So logically, the X-Cap won’t drudge with lenses that are fixed, or don’t extend from the camera’s corpse when the camera’s sovereign is turned on.

No word without ceasing a price, but the Taiwanese god says we can expect it late in August.


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