Track N Go System Turns Any Truck into a Snowmobile in Minutes (video)

| May 2, 2012

Needless to allege, 4-wheel drive doesn’t at all times cut it in the snow.   After wholly, it simply provides even power dispensation across all the tires and doesn’t make much to improve traction on the not merely supposed or fancied wheels or distribute the weight of the vehicle across the snow.  That said, we’ve seen everyday vehicles that be delivered of had their wheel system replaced by a tank like tread system that can cut through the snow like nay other.  Alternatively, you could opt in the place of a chain system, which surprising takes a proper bit of rigging.

The Track N Go appears to be the first and only of its lenient.  Instead of having to remove the tires, the vehicle, as demonstrated in the video, good need to drive onto the tackle.  It’s not clear which the attachment process is, but through . all accounts it looks simple plenty that even the most grease monkey loath could handle it.  Once in establish, the driver just need accelerate considered in the state of normal, causing the wheels to twirl and thus powering the tank treads, which provide unparalleled traction and weight disposal in the snow.

The Track N Go connected view comes from AD Boivin, a visitors that has apparently known for marketing powersports vehicles like motocross bikes and snowmobiles.  Unfortunately, the outcome is in the prototype stage, they shelter’t said how much and it efficacy not ever go into production, however they seem to hold a enumerate of patents on the system.


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